Dr Zhengwei Wei

IB Education Consultant; Senior Examiner and Workshop Leader (IB Diploma Programme)

Founding member and Honorary Principal, Alcanta International College, China

Founding member of the Chinese International Educators’ Association

After working for several years as a university lecturer in China in the mid-1980s, Zhengwei left for UK to embark on his doctoral study at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. His association with IBO started in 1993 when he was appointed as its Examiner Responsible for Chinese A1.

Since then, he has served as the IBDP’s Group Representative for the Chief Examiners, member of the Examining Board and Diploma Review Committee. Throughout these years, he has also been invited to participate in various IB meetings in Cardiff, UK and Geneva, Switzerland. In 2013, he was appointed the IB Recognition Ambassador by IB’s office for Asia and Pacific in Singapore, promoting IB philosophy and curriculum in the region.

As the workshop leader, he has been running numerous face to face workshops that were organised by IBAP in Asia in the past 17 years. He has also given lectures on IB related topics in China, Singapore and USA. Lately, he has been invited to act as the IBDP Online Facilitator to lead online workshops on Language A Language and Literature (generic).

After working in various universities in China, UK and Israel, he returned to China in 2010 to work at several international schools as the founder, Principal, Director for Development and other leadership roles in China. In addition, he also sits on the advisory board for several institutions and has acted as the former Executive Director of Wesley College Melbourne in Australia for its Programmes in China.

As one of the organisers, he initiated and coordinated the “Suzhou 50 Round-Table Forum on International Education in China” in June 2018 and serves as one of the co-founders of Chinese International Educators Association. He has been invited to attend several international conferences held both in China and overseas as the key note speaker.