School visits

Richmond West Primary School

Richmond West Primary School (RWPS) is located in the inner city area of Melbourne. It has provided bilingual education in Vietnamese and Chinese for more than 40 years. Enrolments have continued to grow and the current student population is 320.

The student population is diverse in its cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic background. The school’s philosophy of “Many languages – One voice” is visible in curriculum, student wellbeing, community engagement and classroom practice. 

RWPS currently offers three distinct but interdependent language programs:

English/Chinese (Mandarin) bilingual program (Years F-6)

  • Approximately two thirds of the student population are enrolled in this program

  • 50 % of classroom instruction is in English and 50% in Chinese

  • Majority of students have no Chinese language background

Vietnamese immersion program (Years F-6)

  • Approximately 10% of the student population are enrolled in this program

  • 5 hours per week of withdrawal Vietnamese immersion from the English Program (Years F-2)

  • 2 hours per week of withdrawal Vietnamese immersion from the English Program (Years 3-6)

  • Majority of students have a Vietnamese language background

English Program (Years F-6)

  • Classroom instruction is exclusively in English

  • Chinese(Mandarin) LOTE program of one hour per week

  • many of students have English as an Additional Language background

Richmond High School

Richmond High School is a newly established public school in Victoria. Other than the mainstream Chinese as a second language program, it offers an innovative immersion style course in Chinese to students who have had previous bilingual education in primary schools.

This Enhanced Chinese Program is taught with CLIL methodology, in which the students would undertake studies in Chinese language and humanities almost entirely in Chinese. The program is one and only such program in secondary school in Victoria. Subject to funding and resources, it is considering expanding the program in the future by introducing another subject, thus increases the time and students exposure in Chinese.


The program follows the Victorian Curriculum, with many innovative activities, such as drama, crafts, cultural activities, comics creation, games, performance, field investigation, local and overseas excursions, community engagement… Students are encouraged to have critical thinking and analytical skills, at the same time, to be creative and innovative. The course is looking beyond the VCE level, rather, preparing students to be lifelong learners of Chinese, in order to gain in depth understanding of both Chinese language and the Chinese culture. The school is devoted to providing the best Chinese bilingual program.